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Quality Part 2: Cleaning Up as You Go

Years ago I had an epiphany that has stuck with me to this day. When I went away to grad school, I finally got an apartment of my own and thus had to cook my own meals (this was before … Continue reading

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Catalyst for Change

There’s turmoil in the financial markets and lots of uncertainty in the world right now.  The world economy is in a major recession. The media is full of dire news.  As a result, our customers are spending less. I don’t … Continue reading

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Second Best, Tomorrow

That certainly doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?  But it might depend on the context, and it actually might be a pretty good idea in software development. During WW II, when the British were under attack by German bombers, they … Continue reading

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Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs)

We’ve had a lot of great discussion here recently on the very important topic of iterative development and I suspect we are far from exhausting the topic, but let’s shift gears for a moment. One of the topics I mentioned in my article … Continue reading

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Can We Iterate?

In my last article I asserted that iterative development is one of the key practices that will improve development effectiveness.   I speak from personal experience on this, and there is abundant literature that supports this claim.  So why aren’t we … Continue reading

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